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Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: We Can Dance (if we want to)
Lenght: 3.50 min.
File: 30+MB WMV
Music: misc.

Character: Sam & Dean Winchester (Jared & Jensen)
Category: humor, crack

SPOILER: ALL of SPN season 1-7, plus extras (GagReel aso)

DOWNLOAD @Filefactory


password: spn.mix

Vid Notes: This is a remix video, it`s a wild mix of music, clips and soundbits

Random Notes:(the title of the vid is stolen taken from one of the songs I`ve used for the video)

This is my first vid in 2014 *ya me*. I hope this year will be more productive for me when it comes to vids then last year (I`ve finished only 3 vids in 2013)

This SPN vid was surposed to be finshed and posted end of 2013, RL decided otherwise. Now, it`s done :D

I`ve been working on this vid for a long time, collecting music and clips. I`ve started the vid earlier last year, when [personal profile] geckoholic spent some time at our place, it was used as an example for a *svala`s vidding 101*, to show her how I do the magic of vids.

I`ve always wanted to do a vid like this, I`ve collected a lot of song ideas, at the end I used only a few (going by my notes, I could do at least one more vid like this, tehe)

It is a wild mix of music, soundbits, clips from the show, and extras. It`s not meant to be the best vid ever, it`s surposed to be fun.

2013 was the first year, since I`ve started vidding SPN in 2007, that I didn`t do a SPN vid. With this vid finished and posted, I can say I did at least one SPN vid on 2014 :D

It is also my SPN vid no.49. I have plans for the 50th SPN vid, but so far I didn`t start woking on it.

Right now I`m busy with Festivids, maybe I get around working on vid no.50 once my Festivid videos are done (yep, it`s the first time I`m doing Festivds, and I bagged two videos, of course *duh*)


add: since this is my first entry in 2014, I`m going to add the link for my last entry in 2013: My year, 2013 ... CLICK

it`s an overview for everything I`ve done in 2013, including the 3 finished videos.

Date: 2014-01-04 09:16 pm (UTC)
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