Jul. 1st, 2014

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Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: Hall Of Fame
Lenght: 3.14 min.
File: 29+ MB WMV
Music: "Hall Of Fame" (Original) by The Script

Character: Gibbs & Tony
Category: action, drama, character

SPOILER: ALL of NCIS season 1-11

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password: halloffame

Vid Notes: There are many reasons why Gibbs and Tony earned a spot in the hall of fame, these are just a few.

Random Notes: Both, Tony and Gibbs, have put their lifes in the line of fire more than one time, to protect the innocent. Both carry a lot, but are able to give also. If there`s someone who`s earned a spot in the hall of fame, it`s these two.

The vid is focused on Gibbs and Tony only. I know it`s a team efford to get s*** done, but I prefer to ignore everything not Tony and Gibbs.

These two know each other, they`ve worked together for such a long time, they`ve earned the attention.

(AU add: this is how I picture them, working as a two man team, which they did, for some time actually)

This is my 4th vid this year *duh*, the first for NCIS in 2014. I wish I could say there`s more for NCIS to come, but I canĀ“t.

Next on my *must vid* list is my SPN no.50 (Dean + action = happy svala)

I have a few songs and ideas lined up for NCIS. Maybe I get one more NCIS vid done before the end of the year.


goes to lenas7 (you know why, song aso *grins*)

and to savitarwolf for his more than encouraging words after he watched the first few drafts of the vid.


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