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This is my end of the year vidding meme. I didn`t do the meme last year (since I did only 3 vids in 2013), that´s why I thought I simply add the 2013 vids to the 2014 meme :D

I`ve listed 9 videos, for:

- Supernatural
- Defiance
- Longmire
- Hawaii Five-0


1. NCIS "Just Tony"

Title: "The Typewriter Song" by Leroy Anderson
File: 13+ MB WMV
Lenght: 1.43 min.

Category: humor

SPOILER: ALL of NCIS, season 1-7

Notes: This is just Tony, having fun, being slapped and pushed around


Random Rambling: This is a b-day vid for the hubby.

It can be called a random vid.

But still, I had a lot of fun with this vid, while searching for scenes and putting it together. Why? come on, looking at NCIS footage for hours & hours & hours in a row, for weeks, to find good scenes & laughing your a** of while doing so, what`s not to like ? :D


2. TSCC "It`s My Life"

Title: "It`s My Life" (acoustic) by Bon Jovi
Lenght: 3.49 min.
File: 29+MB WMV

Character: Derek Reese
Category: drama, character, angst

WARNING: Blood & major character death

SPOILER: ALL of TSCC, season 1-2

Notes: Derek`s been trapped between worlds, his past, the future, and the now. Ever since the bombs dropped he`s been living a violent life, until the end.


Random Rambling: This is one of the more challenging vids.

Main reason is: I`ve used this song before, and I`ve tried to get it done different than the first time. This means I had to find new beats and rhythm for the TSCC vid.

Another reason is: the vid`s pretty dark and serious, thanks to what happened on the show. Overall I think this is one of my better vids.


3. Defiance "Radioactive"

Title: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons
Lenght: 3.06 min.
File: 23+MB WMV

Character: all
Category: drama, action, overview

SPOILER: ALL of Defiance, season 1

Notes: nothing is as it was, nothing is as it seems, the future in unknown, welcome to the new age.


Random Rambling: oh show, I love the!

The song was a surgestion by a friend, at the end I dedicated the vid to him.

IMO, Radioaktive & Defiance is a perfect match. It took me sometime to figure out how to do it, I`m still happy with how it turned out.



1. Supernatural "We Can Dance (if we want to)"

Title: We Can Dance (if we want to)
Lenght: 3.50 min.
File: 30+MB WMV
Music: misc.

Character: Sam & Dean Winchester (Jared & Jensen)
Category: humor, crack

SPOILER: ALL of SPN season 1-7, plus extras (GagReel aso)

Notes: This is a remix video, it`s a wild mix of music, clips and soundbits


Random Rambling: This is the first Mash-Up vid I`ve done.

I`ve tried my hands on crack before (that`s a challenge for me, for sure), but not like this.

I started working on the idea for the vid long before I opened the vid editor for the first time. I took notes for songs, and possible scenes, for month before I started the vid. At the end it took me sometime to get the vid done. I`ve started working on it in 2013 already, and at one point I thought I`d not get it done at all (the bunny went on vaction)

Still, it was a FUN ride, and I`m more than happy I was able to finish it.


2. Longmire "All Falls Down" Festivids

Title: All Falls Down
Lenght: 3.34 min.
File: 26+ MB WMV
Music: "All Falls Down" by Adelita`s Way

Character: Vic Moretti
Category: character, drama

SPOILER: ALL of Longmire, season 1 & 2

Notes:Life in Absaroka County is not easy , Vic is no exception of the rule.


Random Rambling: This year is the first time, and also the last time, I signed up for Festivids.

After I received my assignement I choose Longmire.

Most of all because I wanted to get a Longmire vid done anyway, and with the deadline I had to get it done within a timeframe. Without the Festivds deadline, I`m sure a Longmire vid done by yours truely would still not be finished & online.


3. Defiance "Breathe Me" Festivids

Title: Breathe Me
Lenght: 4.05 min.
File: 30+ MB WMV
Music: "Breathe Me" by Sia

Character: Irisa & Nolan
Category: character, drama, action

SPOILER: ALL of Defiance season 1

Notes: Trapped between the past and the future, surrounded by pain and violence, Irisa and Nolan try to survive, together.


Random Rambling: Festivds prt.2. This vid is a pinch hit I baggged.

After Radioactive I wanted to get another Defiance vid done anyway, and this was the perfect opportunity to make it :D

And I knew it had to be a about Nolan and Irisa, these two are made of win.


4. NCIS "Hall Of Fame"

Title: Hall Of Fame
Lenght: 3.14 min.
File: 29+ MB WMV
Music: "Hall Of Fame" (Original) by The Script

Character: Gibbs & Tony
Category: action, drama, character

SPOILER: ALL of NCIS season 1-11

Notes: There are many reasons why Gibbs and Tony earned a spot in the hall of fame, these are just a few.


Random Rambling: This is a vid that was just begging to be done.

My two favorite NCIS *boys*, that`s a must be made :D

This version of the song was given to me by a friend. After I got it, I dumped everything I`ve done already (I had the radio edit of the song) into the trash can, and started all over.

Overall it didn`t take that long to get the vid done. It would have taken less time if I`d not decided to continue logging season 9-10 of NCIS for the vid. At the end I`m glad I delayed the vid in favor of the logging `cause I found some great scenes, scenes I didn´t remember anymore.


5. NCIS "You Spin Me Round"

Title: You Spin Me Round
Lenght: 3.35 min.
File: 27+ MB WMV
Music: Misc

Character: All
Category: crack, humor

SPOILER: ALL of NCIS season 1-10

Notes: This is a NCIS Mash-Up video, nothing more, nothing less


Random Rambling: Mash-Up vid prt.2. After I was done with the SPN Mash-Up vid I still had a few unused songs left on my list. Then the idea for the NCIS Mash-Up hit me like a hammer. I added a few songs to the list, took some off, and went to work.

"You Spin Me Round" is what I call an *interactive* vid :D

While working on it I was bouncing in my chair, screaming, yelling, laughing, while hitting the desk. I scared the dog, and made the hubby look at me in a funny way. When I found the "Coffee Song" I was crying because of hysterical laughter, haha.

This vid is a reminder to myself why I`m doing vids in the first place. It`s because of the fun I have when I found something I really want to get done, even if only for myself, even if noone else even likes it.


6. Hawaii Five-0 "Nightmare"

Title: Nightmare
Lenght: 2 min.
File: 15+ MB WMV
Music: "Hell`s Patient Fury" by Immediate Music

Character: Steve McGarrett
Category: drama, angst, character

SPOILER: H5-0 5.7 "Ina Paha"

WARNING: blood, violence

Notes: What happens when your worst nightmare becomes reality? Steve`s going to find out.


Random Rambling: This is my 2nd vid for H5-0, the first I`ve done in 2011. Inbetween 2011 & 2014 my 5-0 bunny got lost. But now it`s back, in full force.

IMO, 5-0 hit it out of the ballpark with "Ina Paha". I was really looking foreward to episode 100, but I never thought they`d go down this road.

Anyway, as soon as the episode aired, the 5-0 bunny said hello again. It took a week *ish* to get it done and I`ve tried to keep & work with the distorted feeling of the episode.


here come the questions, and my (less usefull) answeres

Favourite Vid That`s a tie between "Hall Of Fame" and "It`s My Life". One has the awesome that is Tony&Gibbs, the other has he sadness that is Derek Reese

Least Favourite hmmm ... uhhh ... duuuuhhhh ... none

Most Successful another hmmmm question. I think the SPN vid "We Can Dance (if we want to)" & the NCIS vid "Just Tony". These are the only vids of mine that have been recced (as far as I know) and the hits are not too shabby also.

Most Under appreciated "Radioactive" `nuff said!

Most Fun to make that`s easy: NCIS "You Spin Me Round", because of everything I`ve mentioned already.

Biggest Vid fail hmmm, maybe me, failing to do/try something different, in a way and most of the time

By now I`m well settled in my comfy zone. And as with the graphics, each time I try to do something different, I fall back to what I know and do best. But I`m okay with this, because I still like what I do, and how (old school? much? I don`t care, I don´t have to chase and follow new trends)

Hardest to Make SPN "We Can Dance (if we want to)" because, yeah, this was me, doing something I`ve never done before. And because at one point it looked as if I`d not get it done at all.

Kick Ass/Sexiest hrhrhrhrhr ... NCIS "Hall Of Fame" !!!

Unintentionally telling video uh, whut? The two crack vids, for SPN and NCIS. Not so much telling when it comes with storylines and character background and motivation, but more telling how messed up my brain`s wired.
I tend to make connections between lyrics and scenes where no one else can even see a hint of a connection. And I think this is one of the main reasons why, apparently & to my knowledge, there are not this many around who actually get, and like, what I did.

Things I've learnt this year well, I learned, again, that it seems I fail big time when it comes with trying something new.

Things to work on get my s*** in order aka finish a vid once started, stay focused while working on a vid (I`m easy to distract) and spend more time logging scenes, so I don´t have to waste so much time hunting scenes anymore.

Vid Projects that I want to finish I`m currently, and still, working on 3 videos (a NCIS/H5-0 crossover, SPN and Der Letzte Bulle)

I want to get a vid done for the NCIS Reverse Big_Bang, I hope I`m able to finish it before the deadline (Jan. 14th *yikes*). I have the song, an idea about how I want it to be, and scene notes. I just need to find the time to actually get it done.

I have several songs lines up for NCIS, but to get them done I need to get my clip log in order & up-to-date.

I also want to get back into vidding more H5-0. Right now I`m busy logging all of 5-0.

aaaaand, that`s it. If you made it this far, THANK YOU *sends cookies*

Thank you to everyone who`s ever watched a video of mine, thank you to everyone who took the time to leave a comment, it means a lot !!!

See you next year :D

*grouphug* ... *svala out*

My end of the year meme for my graphic entries can be found here: @OverTheHills ... CLICK CLICK