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Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: The Tears I Cry
Lenght: 3.37 min.
File: 28+ MB WMV
Music: "The Tears I Cry" by Krypteria

Character: ensemble
Category: character, drama

SPOILER Kill Ari prt. 1 & 2 plus season 1-3

WARNING: blood, violence, main character death

DOWNLOAD @Filefactory


password: tears

Vid Notes: "I miss you like crazy, I`m lost inside" This is about the team trying to deal with what happened to Kate

Random Notes: This is a re-edit of my first NCIS Video. The original was done in 2007. At that time I only had the season 3 DVD at hand. Ever since I got all of the NCIS DVD`s I wanted to re-edit this video. Now it`s done.

Most of the clips used are from Kill Ari1&2, with additional season 1-3 scenes

This is my tribute to one of my all time favorite characters of NCIS, Kate.


The video is also posted to:


- Livejournal CLICK CLICK

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