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This is a Festivid video, done for dance-the-dance

 photo LongAFD_zps373d81cd.png

Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: All Falls Down
Lenght: 3.34 min.
File: 26+ MB WMV
Music: "All Falls Down" by Adelita`s Way

Character: Vic Moretti
Category: character, drama

SPOILER: ALL of Longmire, season 1 & 2

DOWNLOAD @Filefactory


password: vic moretti

Vid Notes:Life in Absaroka County is not easy , Vic is no exception of the rule.

Random Notes: This is the first time I`ve participated in Festivids. I`ve thought, for a long time, about doing a video for "Longmire". After I received my Festivds assignment I was more than surprised (and happy) to find out I had no excuse anymore to NOT get a Longmire vid done :D

At first it didn`t go as planned, because I was waaay behind with logging Longmire anyway, then I got sick, my computer caught a nasty bug, and my timetable went down the drain. Still, I managed to get it done in time *go me*

This vid is about Vic. Why? KATEEEEEEEE, that`s why !!!

(I have plans for at least one more Longmire vid, no idea when I get around to do the video. But since I`ve logged it all, it shouldn`t take this long to finish the vid, once started that is)


dance-the-dance, I hope this is what you had in mind when you requested a Longmire video. I hope you like what I came up with.