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This is my 2011 "Thank you for watching! Merry Christmas!" video.

and while on it: *adds new tag for "The Glades"*



Program used: Corel Videostudio Pro X3

Title: "Eat It" by Weird Al Yankovic
File: 24+ MB WMV
Lenght: 3.10 min.
Categorie: humor, crack, ensemble, crossover
Character: a lot


ALL of "Supernatural" season 1-7
ALL of "The Glades" season 1-2
ALL of "NCIS" season 1-7

WARNING: none, except, does "half nekkid menfolk" need a warning? *snort*


password: munch munch

Vimeo Streaming

password: munch munch

Vid Notes: none, not really. It`s all about one thing, and one thing only: eating ;D

Random Notes: This is the 2nd time I`ve done a "Thank you for watching! Merry Christmas!". The first (and so far last) I`ve done in 2009, it`s a multifandom video also.

I had the idea for this video after rewatching some of NCIS recently.

I`m watching NCIS since season 1, Supernatural since season 2, and The Glades I`ve started watching during season 2. I knew how much Dean likes his food in SPN, I thought "wow, you`re munching a lot" while watching The Glades, but I only realized how much food`s been killed in NCIS after rewatching it.

That`s why I did this vid, using these three shows. Shows I just L.O.V.E.!

btw, the *adds a new tag*, that`s for "The Glades". The show is the latest addition on my *must watch!* list

The video is NOT meant to be serious, it`s meant to be a fun "happy holidays" vid, it`s as close to humor and crack I`ll ever get

No knowledge of any of these shows is necessary, because like mentioned above already: it`s all about the *munch munch*

(okay, and I use the chance for a shameless promotion of all three shows: WATCH IT/THEM. NCIS is in season 9, Supernatural is in season 7, and The Glades will be back next year with season 3. That´s a LOT of tv hours filled with fun)

Overall, this vid is rather simple, I`ve not used many effects (as if I ever do so *rofl*), it`s cut n`slap most of the time, and jump-cut galore. It`s not made to win awards. It`s made because I want you to have fun while watching!

I hope you`ll have as much fun watching as I had working on it. And fun I had. like I`ve mentioned at my happy place, while working on this vid: IF you`re able to open a clip folder called "Half nekkid", and IF you`re able to actually use said clip, then you know it`s christmas already *snickers*

and with this my neverending entry comes to an end. I hope you`ll be able to enjoy this video of mine.

for everyone who`s made it this far, everyone who stumbled in here, everyone who shows up again and again (although "fail" is my 2nd name):

Thank you! for everything, happy holidays

(save the best *?* for last: My 2011 vidding meme is going to be delayed until Jan.2012. Plan is to post a Dark Angel video end of December, I hope I`ll make it)


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Program used: Ulead Videostudio PRO X3

Title: Ghost Love Score by NIGHTWISH
File: 78+ MB WMV
Lenght: 10 min.
Categorie: action/drama
Character: all

SPOILER: all of everything used for this video.


password: ghost


password: ghost

vid notes: This is a multifandom tv show video. The shows used are (in order of use, including timestamp as they appear inside the video and character)

- Battlestar Galactica (BSG) intro, until 1.16 min. (general vid)
- Supernatural 1.17 (general, and focused on Dean Winchester)
- Farscape 3.49 (general, and focused on John Chrichton)
- Dark Angel 5.48 (focused on Alec)
- NCIS 6.31 (general)
- Jericho 7.56 (general)
- Stargate SG-1 8.41 (focused on Cameron Mitchell)

once a show is gone, it doesn`t come back anymore.

Basically, this is a 10 minute video, made out of 7 tv shows, each show got its own video. 7 Videos in a row, 7 videos done like I always do my vids, just that in this case some run longer than others, and that all vids are connected using the song.

categorie is action & drama. Although I have to say, esp. NCIS has some funny moments. The show gives it away.

This is my way to display my love for all the shows used, my reasons why I watched & vid these shows.


Special Theme no.26 at DRIVER PICKS THE MUSIC



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Title: "Hey Mickey" by Tony Basil
File: 29+ MB WMV
Lenght: 3.52 min.
Categorie: Humor (?)
Character: multifandom

Clips used:

Stargate SG-1
Dark Angel
P.S. I Love You
Grey`s Anatomy
Accidental Husband
Behind the Scenes

Download Link :@Mediafire: CLICK CLICK

password: mickey


password: mickey

Vid notes: This is a multifandom video. And I used some of my my favorite *must vid* fandoms, and clips including my favorite actors, to put this together:

Jensen Ackles

Ben Browder

Michael Shanks

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

This is my THANK YOU !!! vid for everyone who`s watching, for everyone who`s providing support, for everyone reading this right now.