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Program used: Ulead Videostudio PRO X3

Title: Ghost Love Score by NIGHTWISH
File: 78+ MB WMV
Lenght: 10 min.
Categorie: action/drama
Character: all

SPOILER: all of everything used for this video.


password: ghost


password: ghost

vid notes: This is a multifandom tv show video. The shows used are (in order of use, including timestamp as they appear inside the video and character)

- Battlestar Galactica (BSG) intro, until 1.16 min. (general vid)
- Supernatural 1.17 (general, and focused on Dean Winchester)
- Farscape 3.49 (general, and focused on John Chrichton)
- Dark Angel 5.48 (focused on Alec)
- NCIS 6.31 (general)
- Jericho 7.56 (general)
- Stargate SG-1 8.41 (focused on Cameron Mitchell)

once a show is gone, it doesn`t come back anymore.

Basically, this is a 10 minute video, made out of 7 tv shows, each show got its own video. 7 Videos in a row, 7 videos done like I always do my vids, just that in this case some run longer than others, and that all vids are connected using the song.

categorie is action & drama. Although I have to say, esp. NCIS has some funny moments. The show gives it away.

This is my way to display my love for all the shows used, my reasons why I watched & vid these shows.


Special Theme no.26 at DRIVER PICKS THE MUSIC



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Title: "This is my Time" by Sasha
File: 28+ MB WMV
Lenght: 3.32 min.
Categorie: action, overview
Character: Cameron Mitchell

SPOILER: Everything Cam

Download LINK@4Shared: CLICK CLICK

Vid notes: Cameron Mitchell is living his dream, ever since he joined SG-1. He`s never giving up, not matter what life throws at him. This is HIS time, and he makes the most out of it.

"This is my Time" premiered at the Creation Stargate Convention in Los Angeles, Nov. 7th. 2009


rd.3 at Galadriel`s Awards

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rd.10 at wicked_awards

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Title: "Breaking Inside" by Shinedown
File: 30 MB WMV
Lenght: 3.50 min.
Categorie: drama
Character: Daniel Jackson

SPOILER: season 1-10 of SG-1



password: inside

Vid notes: This is a Daniel Video. Daniel, who had to endure a lot over the years. Daniel, who never gave up, no matter what. But there was a price he had to pay. And at the end he wasn`t the same anymore as he was when he first joined the Stargate project.

"Breaking Inside" was played at the Creation Stargate Convention in Vancouver, April 2010: