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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT my video!

 photo Ani_NEMO_ROCK_zps15b62c86.gif

Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3


Title: "Nemo" by Nightwish
Lenght: 4.38 min.
File: 35+MB WMV

Character: all
Category: action, overview

SPOILER: ALL of Fast & Furious Five



password: nemo

Vid Notes: "My loving heart lost in the dark. For hope I'd give my everything"

Random Notes: I`m posting this video on behalf of my *vidding padavan*, "Rock"

I`ll be hosting his videos until he gets his own home for the vids.

"Rock" is a vidding newbie, this is the first video he`s finished that I declared ready to be posted :D.

For me, it`s a great start to a, hopefully, long, successful and fun filled vidding career. He`s got some more vids done already, another one will be posted soon. So far he`s only done movie vids.
But we`re gearing up for a "Supernatural" vid battle, this means a tv show vid will be in the making, sooner or later :D

If you like what you see, I hope you`ll take the time to let him know

(he`ll be reading the comments to this entry)



rd. 53 at Driver Picks The Music

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Movie: Kung Fu Panda
Music taken from "Kung Fu Panda" credits
File: 20+ MB WMV
Lenght: 2.35 min.

Download Link@4Shared: CLICK CLICK


password: panda

Random Vid notes: this is the birthday vid for my daughter`s 10th b-day.

She asked me to do a BSG vid for her, focused on "Kat", but I didn`t get around collecting all the scenes needed in time.

And after watching this movie, it was pretty clear right away what I`d do instead.

This is nothing special, when it comes to vid standards. It is a fun vid, for a fun movie, for a (as of today) 10 year old who lights up my life.

AUDIO: The song is taken from the end credits.