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Program Used: Corel Videostudio ProX3

Title: Nightmare
Lenght: 2 min.
File: 15+ MB WMV
Music: "Hell`s Patient Fury" by Immediate Music

Character: Steve McGarrett
Category: drama, angst, character

SPOILER: H5-0 5.7 "Ina Paha"

WARNING: blood, violence

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password: InaPaha

Vid Notes: What happens when your worst nightmare becomes reality? Steve`s going to find out.

Random Notes: This is an episode video for H5-0, episode 5.7 "Ina Paha" I`ve named it "Nightmare", because this is what it is for Steve.

Four years after my first, and so far only, H5-0 Video I`m back vidding the show. I decided to take SPN off my *to vid* list in favor of H5-0.

I`ve started logging all seasons, to get me started again, then 5.7 "Ina Paha" happened.

After watching the ep I just had to get a vid on the way, this is the result. Everything that happened in the episode is right up my alley, it`s whumping galore *evil grin*. I`ve tried to do it justice with the song I`ve used, and the way I`ve put it all together.

If you watch closely, you`ll see the clips are used in a certain order. I`ve included pretty much everything of the ep, the torture, Steve`s *dreams*, the team, looking for him, and the action.

I`ve also added some effects (that`s something I don`t do on a regular base)

I hope you`ll like what I came up with. If so, enjoy!

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