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Welcome to KaHeSha`s videos!

This is a masterlist for my videos, it`s a WIP!

Here you`ll find all of the videos I`ve done using the name "Kahesha". I`ve also re-uploaded some of the videos I`ve done using my 1st vidding name: kj@svala.

New Info: All of my download links have been taken down, again. I think this is the 5th or 6th time it happened. I was still in the process of re-uploading when the links disappeared again.

All of the videos listed in the Masterlist are still there, more or less. A lot of Download links don`t work anymore, especially those that link to Mediafire.

So far I didn´t update all links and entries. Meaning, the Masterlist is a bit messy and not up-to-date.

If you happen to run into a video you`d like to watch, but can´t, for whatever the reason, let me know and I try to fix the problem asap.

Anyway, the videos are listed in order, the latest is on top of the list

I hope you`ll be able to enjoy this new plaground of mine, maybe you`ll find something you like.

kj_svala (aka KaHeSha)

61. Supernatural (Dean Winchester) Light `Em Up ONLINE (my SPN vid no.50)

60. NCIS (ensemble) The Tears I Cry ONLINE

59. NCIS (Tony) Sacrifice ONLINE

58. Hawaii Five-0 (Steve McGarrett) Nightmare ONLINE

57. NCIS (Mash-Up, crack You Spin Me Round ONLINE

56. NCIS (Tony&Gibbs) Hall Of Fame ONLINE

55. Defiance (Irisa) Festivids 2013 Breathe Me ONLINE

54. Longmire (Vic) Festivids 2013 All Falls Down ONLINE

53. Supernatural (Mash-Up, crack) We Can Dance (if we want to) ONLINE

52. Defiance (general) Radioactive ONLINE

51. TSCC (Derek) It`s My Life ONLINE

50. NCIS (Tony) Just Tony ONLINE

49. NCIS (Team) Two in One We Will Rock You & Don`t Stop Me Now ONLINE

48. NCIS (Team) We Will Rock You ONLINE

47. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Sound Of Madness ONLINE

46. Supernatural (Dean) Wish I had An Angel ONLINE

45. NCIS (Team) This Is Halloween ONLINE

44. Supernatural (Dean) Noch Einmal ONLINE

43. Supernatural (Dean, Sam) Diese Tage ONLINE

42. Supernatural (Dean, Sam) What Doesn`t Kill You ... ONLINE

41. NCIS (Team) Don`t Stop Me Now ONLINE

40. Multifandom (Supernatural, The Glades, NCIS) Eat It ONLINE

39. NCIS (Team) Pump It ONLINE

38. Supernatural (Dean, Sam) Feeling Good

37. Farscape (John Crichton) Geboren Um Zu leben

36. Supernatural (Dean) American Soldier

35. BSG (Raider) Raider Love ONLINE

34. BSG (Ensemble) We Might Fall ONLINE

33. Supernatural (Dean) Everybody Hurts

32. Supernatural (Dean, Sam) Ring Of Fire

31. Supernatural (SPN_J²_BigBang 2011) What Was Lost

30. BSG (Sam Anders) Nemo ONLINE

29. BSG (Ensemble) Raise Your Glass ONLINE

28. Supernatural (Dean) Like A Lady

27. Hawaii Five-0 (Steve McGarrett) Trouble ONLINE

26. Supernatural (Dean, episode) Bad Things ONLINE

25. White Collar (Ensemble)) I Gotta Feeling

24. White Collar (Neal) 9 Crimes

23. White Collar (VIDEO NO.100 ... Neal) New York Groove

22. Supernatural (SPN_J²_BigBang 2010) Haltet Die Welt An

21. Supernatural (SPN_J²_BigBang 2010) Final Hour

21. Supernatural (Dean, Sam) Devil Went Down To Georgia

20. Grey`s Anatomy (Episode) Oh Death ONLINE

19. Multifandom (BSG, Supernatural, NCIS, Farscape, Dark Angel, SG-1, Jericho) Ghost Love Score

18. Supernatural (Dean) The Kill

17. Supernatural (Dean) Hero

16. Farscape (Episode) Revenging Angel

15. Supernatural (Dean) Bad Romance

14. Farscape (John Crichton) Memories

13. Supernatural (Dean) (Doctor`s Without Borders Charity Video) Simon

12. Jericho (Ensemble) Oh Death ONLINE

11. Multifandom (Jensen Ackles, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks) Hey Mickey

10. Supernatural (Dean, Sam, AU) Hands Of Fate ONLINE

9. Stargate SG-1 (Cameron Mitchell) This Is My Time ONLINE

8. Supernatural (John Winchester) A Dream Is Like A River ONLINE

7. Movie Kung Fu Panda OST ONLINE

6. Stargate SG-1 (Daniel Jackson) Breaking Inside ONLINE

5. Supernatural (Dean, episode) This Night ONLINE

4. Supernatural (Dean) One Last time ONLINE

3. Supernatural (Castiel) Behind Blue Eyes ONLINE

2. Farscape (John Crichton) This Used To Be A Funhouse ONLINE

1. NCIS (Team) Wipe Your Tears Away ONLINE



1. Battlestar Galactica (BSG)

- BSG (Ensemble) Bye Bye Beautiful ONLINE

- BSG (Ensemble) For All Lovers ONLINE

- BSG (Ensemble) Wild Boys ONLINE

2. Farscape

- Farscape (John Crichton) Map Of The Problematique ONLINE

- Farscape (John Crichton, Grayza, episode) Supermassive Black Hole ONLINE

- Farscape (John Crichton) Wish I Had An Angel ONLINE

- Farscape (episode, Ensemble) Viva Las Vegas ONLINE

3. Dark Angel

- Dark Angel (Alec) Everyday Superhero ONLINE

- Dark Angel (Alec, Max) Wake Up ONLINE

- Dark Angel (Alec) In The Shadows ONLINE

4. Stargate SG-1

- SG-1 (Team) Planet Hell ONLINE

- SG-1 (Cameron Mitchell) It`s My Life ONLINE

- SG-1 (Cameron Mitchell) Nemo (orchester version) ONLINE

- SG-1 (Team) Who Let The Dogs Out ONLINE

- SG-1 (episode/Cameron Mitchell) "Hell`s Patient Fury" coming soon


- NCIS (Gibbs) "Stronger" coming soon

6. Supernatural

- Supernatural (Dean, Sam) Beinhart ONLINE

- Supernatural (Dean) It`s Not Easy ONLINE

- Supernatural (Dean) End Of All Hope ONLINE

- Supernatural (Dean) Amaranth

- Supernatural (Dean, Sam) In The Beginning ONLINE

- Supernatural (Dean,Sam) "One Light Burning" coming soon

- Supernatural (Dean) "Nemo" coming soon

- Supernatural (Dean, Sam, John) "Ich Will" coming soon

- Supernatural (Dean) "It`s My Life" coming soon

- Supernatural (Dean, Sam) "Flames" SPN_J²_BigBang 2009 coming soon

- Supernatural (Sam) "Das Omen" coming soon

- Supernatural (Dean, Sam, John)"Wishmaster" coming soon

- Supernatural (John) "Dust In The Wind" coming soon

- Supernatural (Dean) (SPN_Giftexchange 2009) "You Raise Me Up" coming soon

- Supernatural (Dean, Mary) (SPN_Giftexchange 2008) "Angels" coming soon

7. Movies

- Harry Potter "Augen Auf" coming soon

- Transformers "Amaranth" instrumental version coming soon

- James Bond "Hero" coming soon

- Good Morning Vietnam "What A Wonderful World" coming soon


- Ben Browder tribute "Let`s Get Loud" coming soon

- Jensen Ackles tribute "Hot Stuff" coming soon

- Moonlight "End Of All Hope" coming soon

- Queer As Folk (US) "Used To" coming soon